Harward University,
                                       Cambridge, Massachusetts
                                        United States of America.
                                                       22. March. 1901.

Geheimer Regierungs-Rat Herman Grimm,

   The Department of Germanic Languages
and Literatures in Harward University desires
to express its deep appreciation of the interest
that Professor Grimm has taken in the prosecution
of Germanic studies in America and particularly
in the Germanic Museum about to be establish-
ed by this University. Professor Grimm is known
and hononed on both sides of the Atlantic as a
representation of the nicest culture and as a
lover of all that makes for highest civilization,
whether in the Rome of Michel Angelo or in the

Concord of Emerson. The noble volume which
the Department has received from Professor
Grimm is a token of that community of ideals
which links the Old World to the New and its
value is enhanced by the kindness which prompt-
ed him to make the gift.
      The Department hereby conveys to Professor
Grimm its grateful acknowledgement.

                    George Alonzo Bartlett
                    Kuno Francke
                    H. C. G. v. Gagemann
                    Hugo K. Schilling
                    Aefnirz Nieholz
                    H. Conrad Bierwirth
                    William Huild-Howard